Parallel to our retail activities we have created a division of our company dedicated to contract furniture and can boast many years’ experience in the business as well as ingrained know-how and personnel with specific skills who are trained to follow through any project from design and feature analysis up to installation.
This division is perfectly integrated with the rest of the company, which means we can supply contract furniture with a limited number of units as well as large orders, with excellent results. In the contract business we can supply a wide range of products going from simple production of kitchen furniture in different materials and finishes up to the provision of other décor features.

We have recently supplied:

  • Kitchen furniture with non-standard materials and components, MDF carcases, marine plywood, doors to customers’ requirements in terms of shape, wood or material;
  • Kitchen furniture with non-standard measurements and manufacturing methods;
  • Entire interior décor for flats;
  • Bathroom furniture;
  • Fitted wardrobes;
  • Hotel room decor;
  • Office cabinets and units;
  • Several types of cladding, boiserie.

The skills acquired by our contract division and our experience of over fifty years in the furniture trade allow us to provide a full prompt service, which includes:

  • Project analysis based on customer specifications;
  • Calculation of an estimate based on direct project costs, attempting to optimise the end product;
  • Complete prototypes for installation and testing;
  • Taking measurements;
  • Production, packing and loading organization and optimization according to site logistics;
  • Assistance in organizing transport from our workshops to destination, with customized identification of each individual pack;
  • Assistance in installation, either with personnel who will install the entire project, or by providing one or two specially trained consultants with specific information about the project;
  • Technical assistance, either remote or in situ during or after installation.


  • VIENNA – rest home – 230 kitchens
  • MIAMI – condo – 80 kitchens
  • SARDINIA – residence S.Elmo – residence Porto Corallo – 50 kitchens
  • SARDINIA – residence Rocca Ruja – 40 complete flats
  • SARDINIA – residence Il Castello di Gallura – 70 complete flats
  • MERANO (BZ) – IPES – 44 complete flats
  • TRENTO – new district health authority – 700 bespoke office cabinetry
  • TRENTO –MACH Foundation – kitchens for boarding students and visitors’ wing flats
  • TRENTO – new prison – 44 kitchens + prison warders’ rooms
  • MOLVENO (TN) – 2012– Camp site – 24 complete bespoke flats
  • TUSCANY – 2013 – Paradù Tourist Village – 380 complete flats
  • LAGOS – 2014 – BOX design LTD – Mobil – Exxon offices – 54 flats – kitchens + cabinetry and bathrooms
  • AUSTRIA – 2014 – Project Line – 24 kitchens for a residence

Images of decor for recent projects:


LAGOS: residence of 54 flats


TUSCANY: village of 380 flats