Surrounded by the greenery and nature of the province of Trento, we can boast a long-standing tradition of craftsmanship in the woodworking trade.
“Cova Cucine srl”, kitchen furniture manufacturers, has a solid business background of over 190 years; vast experience acquired over time that has been constantly enhanced to meet the needs and tastes of several generations of consumers.
From a small artisan business the company has evolved into an industry and is still transforming in order to keep abreast of changes in tastes, markets, habits and the very latest production methods.
Giuseppe Cova, born on 8 January1796, was the pioneer of this woodworking business. Testimony to this is a prize awarded to “Cova F.lli” by the Trento Chamber of Commerce in 1961, which traces back the origins of the firm to Giuseppe. Giuseppe’s son Battista, born on 13 January 1837, continued his father’s activity, as did his son Enrico, born on 14 July 1877. The historical documents in our possession show that Enrico served his time as an apprentice woodworker for two consecutive years (3April 1894 – 3April 1896) with master carpenter Eligio Frenez, from Mezzolombardo.
Enrico spent all his life cultivating his passion and talent for designing and making furniture. We know this from his participation in the “Permanent Exhibition of Industrial Art” held in Florence in March 1923, where he was awarded a gold medal diploma “for the special cabinetry work presented and for his valid contribution to our efforts to improve National Artistic Industrial products”.
Enrico’s sons further extended the production of furniture, creating a small company known as “Cova F.lli”, which in 1974 was taken over by one of the brothers, Vittorio, who became the sole owner. He continued making furniture and began to specialise in kitchen furniture. In 1985, when his sons (Walter, Paolo and Alberto) entered the company, the name was changed to “Cova Cucine Componibili snc”, later changed for structural reasons to “Cova Cucine srl”, the current company name.