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The kitchen is where time goes at its own pace.

You can measure it in minutes while you’re cooking or in moments you are sharing with your loved ones.

We measure time in our kitchens in years: we build them so they are reliable and long-lasting, so they can frame your memories and be the place where you really feel at home.

Our Strong Points Our Strong Points
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    Nature has no alternative. In Val di Non we have formed a close alliance with nature: we exploit renewable energy, we choose PEFC and/or FSC certified panels, we use water-based paints, we prefer natural materials and we are careful to recycle. A lot of “tiny actions” which together help build a better future.

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    Our family has handed down this craft for 6 generations. There is but one condition: always try to improve and always offer our customers the best.

    Cova Sostenibilità
    Cova Territorio
  • Cova Territorio


    Being a company that produces furniture in a small and rather isolated valley like Val di Non is a challenge that we have accepted and won: we have transformed difficulties into opportunities and we are proud to take care of 100% of the production of our kitchens. We take responsibility and merit for it.

    Cova Sostenibilità


Cova kitchens have been known for their quality and beauty since 1821.

Partners and retailers

Over 25 retailers throughout Italy.