Collection 4

The C4 collection is for those who love elegant simplicity without dropping innovation. With its vast choice of elements and details, a C4 kitchen is the ideal solution to exploit the available space to the maximum.

Wood also predominates in this collection. It allows us to define your kitchen’s personality and, at the same time, link together all the different intended uses of the room.
Its the detail which makes the difference: the handle with a minimalist design. Whether it is milled in the door or stands out against it, the handle in this collection makes your kitchen both simple and sophisticated.

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  • Cova Collezione C4


For this solution we chose BALI doors, lacquered in opaque Charcoal, the same colour as the 2 cm-thick worktop (made of charcoal composite).
We chose the milled handle for the doors and for the practical, extractable baskets.

The structure shell, joined at 45┬░, gives continuity to the entire project including the living area. We built folding units, again with lacquered, opaque Charcoal BALTI doors, alternated with open compartments lacquered in opaque light grey.
Sigaro Natural Touch knotty oak panelling recalls the finish of the chairs and countertop-table.


A kitchen with FUTURA door in Cement White laminate, the material we also chose for the worktop and countertop splash-backs.
We opted for brown larch panels and breakfast bar worktop as a pleasant contrast to the Aubergine stool and chair fabric in the dining area. The living room unit, consisting of a base unit and bookcase repeats the brown larch-aubergine paired colours, balanced equally between the doors and the TV back panel.

We built wall-mounted cupboards with LUX open compartments in opaque Aubergine acrylic for the living room. The profile handle is made of aluminium with a titanium finish.
The living room unit brings the entire wall alive with a play between the base unit (Brown larch FUTURA door), bookcase (brown larch) and wall-mounted cupboards (in opaque aubergine acrylic, like the TV back panel).


To make this kitchen, we chose ENTRY doors in super matt beige polymeric for the base units, and Fiascherino laminate FUTURA doors for the wall-mounted cupboards and fridge column.
We completed the worktop in Cement Grey laminate with a matching, raised container to grow herbs for your own recipes.

In the dining area we built a comfortable bench with a padded, wall-mounted backrest and a FUTURA table, again in Fiascherino laminate, complete with metal seats with leather backs ( with the same design as the stools in the breakfast bar area).
We confirmed the Fiascherino laminate FUTURA doors for the floor standing chest of drawers and panelling in the living room area, with matching wall-mounted cupboards and an opaque beige ENTRY column.


A kitchen with strongly contrasting colours of the super, opaque ivory, laminate FUTURA doors and the worktop and side in Voyage Bronze laminate. The colour of the heat-treated oak wall panels will also give the living room area character.

We also chose FUTURA with a super matt, Opaque Ivory finish for the base units and bookcase of the living room unit. The contrast in colours here is with the heat-treated oak of the wall-mounted cupboards with open compartments.
Our choice of handles fell on the Titanium profile.